Sunday, 18 October 2009


I thought i'd share some holiday photos with you

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Surfs up!!

For those of you that know me well you will know I am on holiday in Cornwall again. I LOVE it down here. Its made me realise I really do want to live on the coast. The weather has been so lovely. We have been lucky enough to have had lots of sun!

We always stay in or near Looe. We do all the usual things like visit Polperro, Eden etc but this time we wanted to venture out a little further. So today we jumped in the car and headed for Newquay. We visited Fiscal beach and watched the surfers. I thought I'd take some photos, It would have been rude not to.

I will update you more when I get home as its taking far too long to upload the photos.

Speak soon xx

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Today I visited one of my favourite places........Sugar and Spice. Went to buy some essentials but ended up getting a few extra bits

Here is a little peek at my purchases

I am sure you will see them used in upcoming projects.

Am off on holiday on Monday so I am sure I will have lots of photos to show and scrap.

Speak soon x x

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Baby shower

We held a baby shower for my friend this weekend, fun was had by all.

We played lots of silly games including guess the size of the bump! We even tried to gues the weight of the mum to be, which REALLY depressed me as she is 8 months pregnant and still weighed less then me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck Ray!!


The lovely Nina has given me a Blog award, my first ever!

Rules of the award are that I must pass it on to 5 people and list 5 things I am addicted too.

So I am passing this award onto........


These ladies all have wonderful blogs

As for me, the 5 things I am addicted to are

1, TV Soaps (sad I know but I watch most of them)
2, My camera, it goes everywhere with me
3, Ikea! I dont dont why, I cant go there without buying!
4, Shoes, I have far too many
5, Chocolate! I try to be good but I always give in!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

New pets

Thought I'd share with you our new pets, We are now keeping birds!

Here are just a few pics for you

I love watching them, they are babies at the moment so they love playing with the toys.

Also have posted over on Sugar and Spice Blog so pop over and have a peek
Will update you again soon x x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wedding photos

Thought I would put together some photos that I took at my brothers wedding, I have made a little slide show including their first dance song, I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wedding bells

Ok its happened, my little bro has finally got married....... Bless him.

It was such a fab day and everyone enjoyed themselves. The day went so well, I kept expecting something to go wrong.

I managed to get a few pics but it was so hard. I Will share a few with you, but I wont bore you.

Also I have posted over on Sugar and Spice Blog today, so if you get a chance please stop off and leave me a comment
Louise x

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My first project

WOO HOO My first post over on Sugar and Spice blog has gone live!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please take the time to pop over and have a look

Friday, 3 July 2009


Hello all

I have to say a BIG sorry for not posting for a little while. I have been a busy bee. I have been to see Take that and Blur this week.

Wednesday night was Take that night. WOW what a night. After losing the receipt for the tickets I was so pleased to actually see the show. The boys were FAB!!!!!! I wasnt allowed to take my camera so had to borrow the OH's. We arrived at Wembley Stadium at 4pm when the gates opened and managed to get right up the front. We felt like we were 14 again. I have never sung so much in my life. The theme for this show was circus (title of their album) so they had clowns and stilt walkers etc. I even got a balloon from one of the blue sky clowns lol. I managed to get 265 photos LOL here are a few (wont bore you will all 265 ha ha)

Then Thursday night was Blur night, I bought Steve the tickets for christmas as he loves Blur. It was held in Hyde Park and it was such a wicked evening, the weather was fantastic! We took a blanket and just chilled out! FAB!!!! We didnt bother trying to get near the front ( far too crowded) So we stayed near the back and just relaxed! Managed to get a couple of photos (again I wont bore you)

So all in all a FAB week off!!!!!!
ALSO............... Our Sugar and Spice design team started their posts this week so pop along and leave some nice comments for us.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sugar and Spice Design Team

Our Sugar and Spice design team have started to post their projects on the BLOG so please please pop over snd support us, we would love to see your comments.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

DT meet up - With cake

We had our first meeting, well I say meeting it was more of a gossip and giggling session. The ladies are lovely and it was a shame that Nicola couldnt make it. I wanted to say a big THANKS to Marion for a lovely evening and to say to all my fellow DT members cant wait to work along side you all.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

What have I done!

I've just signed myself up for a 10k run! Sept 20th Finsbury Park! I am gonna have to start some serious training! I have set myself up a fundraising page

So if anyone wants to help me support this wonderful charity then please feel free to sponsor me.

I will be running after work every night, I might even run home from work as thats 6 miles, which is roughly 10k.

Right I off to make Steve's bday card

Friday, 12 June 2009

Design Team

A little while ago I entered the SUGAR AND SPICE design team competition, and guess what I got in YAY!! Marion doesnt know what she has let herself in for HA HA

I am so excited and thankful to the ladies who let me in LOL

Sugar and Spice is a great shop and I love visiting and of course spending!

Congrats to the other ladies who made it in to the team


Why not pop over and check out their blogs

For those that dont know anything about me I'm Louise and I am counting down the days till I turn 30! I live in sunny old Grays and I spend my spare time scrapping or chatting on UKS

Thursday, 11 June 2009

I'm doing another one!!!!!

5k runs, I have signed up to do another one!!! Yes you heard me right, another one!!!! I am going to one in Sept. And I have signed up to do a 10k walk in July. Its going to help in the fight to lose weight. I am now on a serious diet. I weigh far to much lol so I am now on a diet. I will post here how I get on. That way I cant get out of it.

Went shopping today, bought some lovely goodies from Sugar and Spice. Will take pics and post on here soon.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

We did it!!!!!!!!!!

I did it, I did the race for life. I even beat last years time. This year I finished in 39 mins. The heat was unbearable! and I ran out of water at the 2 k mark!! But I still enjoyed every second of it. The day is always so emotional and its so sad to see the messages on everyones backs. I ran in memory of my grandads and my cousin who I have sadly lost to cancer, and for my friend from an online forum who died from the dreadful disease.
My mum and her other half came to cheer us on, but missed us running!! They waited to see us but for some reason didnt see us run past them!

I thought you might like to see a couple of photos that my mum kindly took for me.

We looked half decent before the race LOL but that wasnt the case after
This is how we looked after the race
And for those of you that havent sponsored me yet, theres still time to do it online

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


OK its nearly here...............My race for life. I have 3 more days to prepare then day number 4 is THE DAY!!!! If anyone wants to sponsor me you can at

Please dig deep and spare anything you can, I know times are tough but this is such a worth while charity!!! Remember every penny counts

Thanks x x x

Monday, 25 May 2009


Just a quick one today to say MY FEET HURT!!!!! I am trying to get fit and lose weight, so on Friday I went to aqua aerobics, I was dreading it but it was such a giggle. I went with my best friend Sarah and it was so tiring. When I got out the pool my legs felt like lead!! Then on Saturday I walked 7 miles!! and today I walked 8 miles!!! And this Sunday I am taking part in the Race for life, another 3 mile walk. I really want to get fit for the summer. The walk today took me an hour and half! and in total since Saturday I have done 32,480 steps!!! I think I am doing well just got to keep going!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tropical Wings

Today I visited Tropical Wings in South Woodham Ferrers with Mum and Amber. It was amazing. The butterfly house was so lovely. There are so many butterflies flying around you. I took some really nice photos of them. Here are a few

As well as butterflies they have farm and zoo animals and some great reptiles. They also have some lovely flowers growing in their butterfly house.

I could bore you with loads more but I wont ...yet

I would really recommend a visit to anyone, Amber loved it. They do feeding time with the different animals and kids can help.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Enjoying my time off

The week so far, well i'm enjoying my week off or I was until I lost the receipt for my take that tickets!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope the store we bought them from will give us the tickets without it.

On a more postitive note I have this week managed 4 paper lo's, 2 canvas lo's, 2 cards and i've just started a 3rd canvas. woo hoo, this included my entries done for the
Sugar and Spice design team competition. So now I will just have to wait, although I dont hold out much hope. I have tried for these things before and never got anywhere but it can be fun trying.

I have been playing with my new goodies this week, including my alcohol inks. I LOVE THEM!!! Have also been playing with my glimmer mists. I have had great fun.

Will post some photos ASAP!!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

A week off !!!!!!!

WOOOO HOOOO I'm off for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what am I going to be doing on my week off I hear you cry.........CRAFTING!!!!!! I want to do at least 10 LO's and 2 mini books and 1 CJ entry, oh yes you heard me correct 10 LO's. I have some great photos of the kids which have to be scrapped. I might even do some more of fairypants!

So what else will I be doing on my week off? Well I think I might have a trip to the zoo, I'll keep you updated on that ! and I might have to do some shopping LOL

But while off I must do some training, the RFL is on the 31st so have to get some more training in!! I will try and blog my progress.

My friends over at
Sugar and Spice have featured my fairypants LO on their blog. Thanks Ladies you're stars!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Ok had to post some more Marathon photos

Sunday, 26 April 2009

London marathon

Today we went to watch the London marathon, I have such respect for the +35,000 people that ran! We stood on the 15 mile mark by the city pride pub. The pain on the runners face at that point was so clear to see! We done some celeb spotting, we saw Gordon Ramsey, John Pickard and Loui Batley (aka Dom and Sarah in Hollyoaks), Chris Simmons (aka Mickey Webb in The Bill), Tony Audenshaw, Nicola Wheeler and Matthew Wolfenden (aka Bob, Nicola and David in Emmerdale), Chris Coghill (aka Tony King in Eastenders)someone who could have been Nikki Shadwick from brookside LOL and the one I got most excited about Peter Andre and Katie Price !!!

Thought I'd share a photo taken today of Tony Audenshaw