Friday, 3 July 2009


Hello all

I have to say a BIG sorry for not posting for a little while. I have been a busy bee. I have been to see Take that and Blur this week.

Wednesday night was Take that night. WOW what a night. After losing the receipt for the tickets I was so pleased to actually see the show. The boys were FAB!!!!!! I wasnt allowed to take my camera so had to borrow the OH's. We arrived at Wembley Stadium at 4pm when the gates opened and managed to get right up the front. We felt like we were 14 again. I have never sung so much in my life. The theme for this show was circus (title of their album) so they had clowns and stilt walkers etc. I even got a balloon from one of the blue sky clowns lol. I managed to get 265 photos LOL here are a few (wont bore you will all 265 ha ha)

Then Thursday night was Blur night, I bought Steve the tickets for christmas as he loves Blur. It was held in Hyde Park and it was such a wicked evening, the weather was fantastic! We took a blanket and just chilled out! FAB!!!! We didnt bother trying to get near the front ( far too crowded) So we stayed near the back and just relaxed! Managed to get a couple of photos (again I wont bore you)

So all in all a FAB week off!!!!!!
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Sarah xx said...

Louise your Take That pics are brilliant - sounds like a great concert! We too enjoyed Blur this evening but your pics are better, had to take mine on my phone! Hope to meet up soon xx

Nicki said...

WOW you lucky thing! looks like it was fab and you enjoyed yourself lots, im soooo jealous!

nerllybird said...

Lol Louise, as if my daughter doesn't leave enough flippin Mcfly photos in my photo gallery, now I've got to look at your ones!! Looks like you had a great time tho, lucky old you!

Samantha Maddin said...

Wow, what a party girl! Sounds like you've had a fabby time.