Friday, 15 May 2009

A week off !!!!!!!

WOOOO HOOOO I'm off for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what am I going to be doing on my week off I hear you cry.........CRAFTING!!!!!! I want to do at least 10 LO's and 2 mini books and 1 CJ entry, oh yes you heard me correct 10 LO's. I have some great photos of the kids which have to be scrapped. I might even do some more of fairypants!

So what else will I be doing on my week off? Well I think I might have a trip to the zoo, I'll keep you updated on that ! and I might have to do some shopping LOL

But while off I must do some training, the RFL is on the 31st so have to get some more training in!! I will try and blog my progress.

My friends over at
Sugar and Spice have featured my fairypants LO on their blog. Thanks Ladies you're stars!!

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Sarah xx said...

You lucky thing! Wish I could come and play. Thanks for your kind thoughts xx