Sunday, 1 March 2009

Easy Sunday

Managed to get a few snaps of my niece today. I love it when she is in a good mood :D

Today I went for a trip to Ikea, I went for a wardrobe and came home with a Billy bookcase and an a Benno CD tower, which I managed to get assembled and in place in under an hour!!!!! Now its just a case of filling them. I will have to do another trip to get my wardrobe, oh no that means another shopping trip lol. Once they are completely filled I will post some pics

I love Ikea its always got loads of funky objects, furniture etc I could walk around in there for ages. I love the decoration section the most. The prints, candles, glass, I love it all and could spend a fortune!!!

speak soon x x x


Anneliese said...

lol .. you sound just like me .. always get everything else other than the thing i went for at ikea ... good job (perhaps) that it's not very local lol :D

Jo Power said...

I love Ikea we have one closeish to us now in Southampton just waiting for a lift there and back and some spending money.

Catherine said...

Love Ikea too, went there on Saturday. Spent most of my money on candles and prints!!

jay670120 said...

Cute pics of your neice xxx
love Ikea too xxx